7 Ways To Build Your Brand Authority

7 Ways To Build Your Brand Authority

December 06, 2018

build your seo brand authority

Building brand awareness is a common challenge for every business. You might find it intimidating and confusing due to the many different types of advertising media to choose from and put your hopes for.   Finding what makes your business memorable is sometimes not that simple and easy.  So, how much more if you want to stand out from the rest?

Presented below are 7 ways on how to help increase brand awareness in the industry.

  1. Deliver Awesome Customer Service.

Being a legend is not as easy as it sounds. It may take more than just a smiling face and a turn of the head to truly bring it. There is simply plenty of service from clueless marketers that just hand on their services by a mere sweet smile and nothing else. Excellent customer service starts with a team that is just as passionate as you are about your business.

Legendary customer service is one that is above and beyond the average. Legendary service provides consistently prompt, knowledgeable and professional solutions.  As time goes by, your business reputation will somehow attach to your brand.  Whether those connotations are the effect of positive or negative customer service related actions, they will automatically stick and be associated with your brand an assumed in the minds of the consumers.  So, it goes by saying that your customer service really matters. What will your brand be remembered for?


7 ways to help your brand gain authority in your industry from pivot five stars review software

  1. Use your empowered story as part of your branding.

Everyone likes to remember a good story. In order to make a great mark in your industry, your brand should be associated with a story that empowers customers. Consumers love to recall your brand and how they help make their lives easier. Your story should show what drives your business, your passions and inspirations that keep your business getting better and thriving.  It must present the issue or challenge that prompted your brand to become a solution to the problem. Great brands start with a great story. Learn how to share this well with your customers.

  1. Keep your brand “Top of Mind Awareness”.

Remember that there is a plethora of advertising media they can choose from, it can sometimes be difficult for customers to make a deciding choice. Online advertising has become so popular that other traditional forms of media are in a lot of haste just trying to figure out how to keep their customers from shifting to other brands. But advertising can be quite effective even with a smaller budget.  All it takes, is to know what can make your brand almost like part of their instinct.

Other than Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising,  most popular advertising flicks are free on social networks. Although PPC advertising can also be seen on the Google Search Engine results page it can be successful in generating more meaningful leads resulting in a higher conversion rate.

Another popular form of online advertising is when you purchase banner ad space which delivers the number of impressions promised. Impressions are delivered upon a visit to your advertiser’s site. Impressions are often good for brand building but not for generating leads which are more geared towards establishing business relationships.

  1. Be Valuable by Being A Credible Resource

Having all that credibility really pays!  By becoming a source authority where one can gain benefits especially professional advice and knowledge. If you can be that reliable in being the source of valuable information and knowledge, you are surely guaranteed to generate solid leads, gain prospects and attain that authority in the industry.

A simple yet effective way is to offer free seminars that can benefit your audience with valuable skills they can successfully use to better their lives.  If you lack the budget to rent a space and offer freebies to a herd of people, don’t underestimate the wonders brought by online videos and webinars. But never hesitate to invest in high-quality equipment or hire professionals to help you.  The rewards can be far greater in the future.

  1. Provide usable information.

Email campaigns can be that helpful and beneficial to your clients but don’t make the mistake of grandstanding around your brand.  Engaging your recipients can best be achieved using topics of discussion that are short yet succinct.  It is best to provide value rather than campaign fanfares.  It is best to offer your recipients with industry-centered articles that would be of most benefit to them.

Reinforce valid and interesting facts on your campaign.  Newsletters on valuable tips that are practical, informative and fun are just some of those readings that are worth keeping on emails and will offer possibilities of being forwarded, shared and passed on.

  1. Post Articles & Blog

Regular content posting on social media, websites and blogs was an effective way to be visible and rank higher online. It is best to establish your authority over the rest by shining and producing relevant content that resounds with your readers. Some of the best brands in the world are the most respected for the content and information they produce.


7 ways to help your brand gain authority in your industry

  1. Design a logo and brand slogan that lingers to the memory.

These corporations have reached a prominent status through diligence. They don’t have to work at growing their company anymore because they already have a solid customer base. All of their marketing efforts are geared toward brand building. But they didn’t reach their recognizable status overnight. It took time, patience, aggressive marketing campaigns and strategies, large investments and of course….creativity.

The creativity and originality of a logo provide a visual connection for your customers and prospects to help them recall your business when they need your services. A logo provides your company with a voice and a personality.

There have been times where I could not remember the name of the business, but through an online search, I was able to find them once again because they had a logo that was memorable. I feel it is a wise investment to utilize professional graphic designers that can create and give voice to your business’ personality with a single pictorial symbol.

Gain your brand authority by being creative!

Establishing your own brand awareness doesn’t have to be hard work. Creativity plays a great role in your approach.  In a world full of challenging and stand out advertisements, the more easily recognizable you are the better your brand can easily perform.

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