5 Common Challenges Faced By Marketers In 2020

5 Common Challenges Faced By Marketers In 2020

May 03, 2020


The New Year brings with it new strategies and new campaigns to keep marketers busier than before. This article talks about the challenges faced by marketers the previous year. The idea is to help marketers be better prepared to face these challenges and perform better. Without further ado, let’s check the 5 biggest challenges that you, as a marketer, should be ready for. 


#5. Quick decision-making 

According to 12% of marketers, they feel under pressure to make decisions much quicker than before. Furthermore, around 42% say that have to be quick when making marketing decisions in order to keep up with their teammates. 


#4. Shrinking budgets 

Around 15% of marketers agree that they don’t have enough budget to run their campaigns. Around 37% feel that their funds are dwindling. It’s important to note that these statistics have nothing to do with the brand turnover. Regardless of the turnover, almost all brands have shrinking budgets. 

Besides, marketing pros don’t feel the pinch as strongly as the insight departments. By contrast, at least 70% of insights departments agree that their budgets tend to shrink. 


#3. The pressure to be more creative

Today, marketing revolves around data and KPIs. Therefore, these professionals find it difficult to find time and space in order to boost their creativity. Basically, data helps drive creativity. According to 20% of marketers, they feel the pressure when it comes to run campaigns based on the analysis of the given data. 

Professionals that feel the most pressure include seniors, such as VP and C-level. Around 26% agree with this statement, and they over-index on each of the challenges except the lack of time for these projects. 


#2. Lack of time

As marketers, they don’t have all day to work on their projects as they have to eat, sleep, and spend time with their families as well. According to 22% of marketers, lack of time is a big challenge for them. Another 38% agree that they have a problem finding time to complete their assignments. 

Female marketers find it even more challenging to use the available hours to work on their projects. Around 77% of them have the same opinion. Many cultural factors play their roles in creating this challenge for these professionals. Today’s professionals need to consider these factors to have a balance between life and work. 


#1. Rapidly changing consumer trends 

Of all the challenges, the biggest challenge for markers was to keep up with the rapidly changing consumer trends. Approximately 45% of marketers believe that people have rapidly changing buying behaviors. Only 4% of professionals have an opposing point of view. 

This challenge was quite common across professionals working for B2B brands. Since it’s important to find out as much as possible about consumer behavior, marketers should stay tuned to the upcoming trends, which includes update consumer data. 

In 2020, they must monitor the consumers’ sentiment and give quick reactions when possible. Apart from deep trend research, they should conduct regular surveys to identify opportunities to grab. 


The takeaway 

Marketers face a lot of challenges while carrying out their responsibilities, such as consumer researcher, decision making, creativity, and budget management. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t overcome these challenges. The key is to take advantage of the opportunities as soon as they arise and stay tuned to consumer trends while introducing new products and services. 

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