SEO & Brand Awareness:  To be Found or Not to Be Found?

SEO & Brand Awareness:  To be Found or Not to Be Found?

December 06, 2018

 local seo for spokane and coeur d alene

Now more than ever getting your business found locally online is critical to your success. The new generation mobile devices and new location sensing technology enable people to find exactly what they are looking for within a specific area. If you have what these searchers want, and you are visible in online searches you can acquire every new customers and do business easier than ever before.

If you are a business owner and you rely on people contacting you to your area or coming to your location, customers who have access to the internet using a smartphone or any device using web browsers can do a Google search for your brand while you are at you tend your business. You need not necessarily show up in front of them and do the brand offering. All you need is to post information about your brand and it will be visible for them to read on and help them recall about your business.

Gone are the days when tons of sheets of advertising flyers had to be printed out and pasted on every corner and space of every street and roads.

By the way, if you are still using a mobile phone that DOES NOT have the features to browse the web, or a GPS mapping features its high time you upgrade and get with the times. You ARE simply missing out BIG!

The goal of SEO is to increase your business’ visibility to target your audience, but SEO takes targeting even further. By focusing on customers and prospects, SEO can drive traffic to your websites much more than physical bricks and mortar locations. Almost every type of establishments can benefit from SEO.

An effective SEO campaign uses a combination of geo-targeted optimization and content marketing, business listings, back links, and user-generated reviews as well as testimonials and citations.

How To Optimize Your Website with SEO

Traditional SEO requires a few specific elements such as the following.

Your Business Details and Contact Information – This are the information search engines, listings, directories, and customers often look for especially during their initial search of a business website. Business details include its physical address and phone number, operating hours listed on the page of its website.

Hyper Local Keywords – Keywords and phrases containing your business location should appear in the Title tags, META descriptions, and web content. Simply targeting a location may not be enough to drive leads to your business. Going hyper local by targeting even more specific communities particularly within your locality can help you get more customers through your doors on and offline. Your SEO team or business reputation manager may be able to help you analyze where website traffic to your website is coming from and use that data to plan better geo-targeted keywords.

Targeting Markets with Content – Content marketing campaigns requires a certain amount of creativity and quality for any of your SEO campaign, but there must be a stronger emphasis on calls to action, influence marketing, and relevant topics to your kind of business and location.

Featured Topics – Your writers must create content based on what’s relevant to your business, your audience and even your location. Writing about trends that are related to your industry is always a good technique to establish your authority and information resource.

Creating Brand Advocacy – Your writers don’t just sell or announce your brand – they must encourage customer loyalty and ripple your brand voice. Customers who come to love your brand should promote them through word of mouth by sharing your content on social media.

Marking Your Business Identity – Creating and marking your brand and business identity online starts with the right content attribution. Adding Google+ authorship as well as marking-up snippets to the content on Google by displaying the author’s name and image like the example below  greatly help in your website’s visibility information in Google search results.


Your campaign team or reputation manager can also benefit on different social media services across the net. These listings and pages must be kept fresh and regularly updated for greater visibility reach. Manage other content that goes onto the website such as reviews, blog posts, press releases, surveys, industry information, trivia, announcements and anything your target audience may find useful or entertaining.  You can also add links to other social networks in your campaign if they are suitable for your brand and audience.

Building Quality Citations – Quality backlinks is a vital aspect of any SEO strategy, but citations are even more important in optimizing your page. Citations or brand mentions made by your customers as well as other businesses on third-party websites help in key ranking factors of your brand’s search visibility. Some of the most influential and effective types of citations include the following:

Social or Blog Citations – Mentions encouraging about your brand and influences talking about you in their blogs and social media accounts is always a good way to acquire citations.

Business Listings and Reviews– Listing your brand on business directories, local networks, and review sites are citation-drivers. Managing these kinds of listings and getting more your customers to post amicable and positive reviews of your business can surely add more citations.

Guest Posts and Magazine Publications– Being able to get other people to write about your business in an online magazine or own articles and press releases can highly increase your exposure and establish your brand leverage in your niche. Unique content beyond what your business and brand can get you viral and leave that significant mark on the minds of your audience.

Providing great service and top quality products is not the only way to make customers write positive reviews. Integrating links to your pages and business listings in your website as well as publishing press releases and engaging customers through online content might also get them to share their thoughts and comments.

Now that you understand a little about SEO and marketing your brand with targeted SEO and marketing services, it is now up to you to get it all done.   Let us help you more by bringing on those thoughts in your mind right now through our comments section below.  We’ll be delighted to hear  you out and get in touch.

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