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business and marketing consulting in spokane and coeur d alene idaho

People often decide to start a business because of something they love to do or some kind of niche industry they discovered and opened a business in. Others have started companies in the franchise world which is a tremendous avenue if you choose a great franchise system and do your demographic research. In either case business owners go into business to make a better living for themselves or for their families and to hopefully one day gain more time and freedom.

However, in most cases of business ownership the starting point is good but then the business begins to demand more time and effort from the owner. All the owner wanted was to gain more freedom from owning a business but this dream is now fading and the business is becoming more difficult and demanding to operate. No one wants their business to take control of their lives, that is not the reason to go into business. We help you start to take control of your business.

At Pivot we understand and know that being in business can be extremely difficult and we also know that it can be extremely rewarding if the proper steps are taken. Our consulting programs help business owners in various levels of  their business, their family life, and their personal life. We believe in business ownership and we believe in business change to facilitate the lifestyle most business owners want and desire.


business consulting services in spokane and coeur d alene

Pivot Business Coaching can take your business to the next level by:

-Starting to work on your business and not in it.

-Starting to achieve the results you want

-Getting answers to business questions

-Improving your human resources

-Improving your logistics and 3PL solutions in the US and Internationally

-Import and Export Logistics and Product Sourcing

-Achieving optimal system efficiencies

-Analyzing and improving your business systems

-Improving your accounting methods, balance sheets, budgets & more

-Improving your marketing methodology

-Franchise Selection Process

-Franchise Consulting

Call today to get a personalized business consulting plan put together today and get ready to pivot your brand to the next level in business.


Why You May Need a Coach on Your Side

Your in business to win and to find opportunities to stay ahead of your competition. The business industry is constantly evolving and changing, so to stay ahead you need to understand the marketing and sales trends. Having a business consultant/coach can help you achieve your goals and keep you accountable to someone that wants to see you succeed.

At Pivot we understand business systems, eCommerce, 3PL logistics, Amazon International FBA and US, Amazon ACOS and Amazon SEO, franchise systems, branding, and marketing methods that will make you successful no matter the industry you are in. Our desire is to help you grow and succeed with our consulting methods. We even offer consulting services where we will personally visit your place of business and evaluate your systems, process's, and marketing. We genuinely enjoy business on all levels and cannot express enough how important it is to have someone on your team to consult and coach you to success.



7 Reasons To Hire Pivot As A Coach

  1. A Coach will help you develop long term business plans to be more successful
  2. A Coach will evaluate and improve your business systems
  3. A Coach will help you in marketing, human resources, training, accounting, and sales
  4. We are straightforward and will help you focus on your goals
  5. We will listen
  6. We will help you apply systems that franchisor's use and implement
  7. We want you to be successful in business and to achieve your dreams


Whatever your goals are in business please get in touch for a free consultation and to receive a free monthly coaching estimate.