Amazon Shipment Ban: Ecommerce Tips For Sellers

Amazon Shipment Ban: Ecommerce Tips For Sellers

November 23, 2022


According to some sellers, Amazon has lifted the ban from non-essential shipments except for a couple of products. This ban has had a severe impact on a lot of businesses, especially businesses that sell only through Amazon. Many of them have lost almost all of their sales while others have lost a significant share of their revenue. 

Now, you might be thinking about what you could do in order to get out of this abyss. During this pandemic, you can use a few solutions to find out what products are allowed to be shipped. This conservative decision requires you to make informed decisions based on the solid data gathered keeping in mind the current situation. This is where you can turn to CCInsight. Let’s find out more about it. 


CCInsight is an abbreviated form of COVID-19 Commerce Insight. This is a website by Emarsys, which is an omnichannel customer engagement platform. The good thing about Emarsys is that it has a huge network of international partners that help the provider collect huge data. 

On CCInsight, you can find data gathered from more than one billion consumers across the globe for around 400 million transactions conducted in more than a hundred countries. It’s interesting to note that the data gives an insight into more than 2500 brands. Based on this insight, you can get a much better idea of the impact of the ongoing pandemic on the world economy. 

Data-based Action

The huge data at CCInsight has immeasurable value as far as consumer confidence and behavior are concerned. Online sellers can use this data in order to decide the steps they should take to choose certain products that can be shipped as other product shipments are banned by Amazon. 

Online Sales Growth

According to the CCInsight, online order placement increased by 80% by April 9 in North America. By 15th April, the growth went up by 108% and it broke the holiday records. 

In Europe and other countries, the trend was almost the same. However, the lockdowns across the globe changed consumer behavior and most of them ordered only essential items. However, there are still many who still buy non-essential items as well.

If we look at things from this perspective, we can say that the economic downturn is less likely. Although the brick and mortar stores may need to have patience and wait for things to get better, online retailers have no choice but consider expansion. 

Possible Solutions and setbacks

Amazon Bans

Although Amazon is allowing many items into fulfillment centers again, you can’t depend on this platform only for sustenance during the current situation as an Amazon seller. An easy way out is to look at alternate sales channels designed retailers, which include the conventional brick and mortar stores. 

These days, businesses have to start their online stores as well. In fact, this pandemic offers the greatest opportunity for business to start their online stores. 

Order Delivery

Delivery of goods is a common issue because of the precautions introduced by governments across the globe. However, Amazon gives priority to the delivery of essential items. But this has slowed down the delivery of non-essential items. 

For Amazon sellers, there are many other delivery solutions apart from FBA. For instance, you can consider FBM or look for other delivery partners. 

Item Choice

According to CCInsight, consumers have a tendency to buy essential items these days. So, it makes sense to shift inventory to essential items rather than stack gifts and luxury items. This is an easy way to recover from the revenue loss due to the lockdowns. Common item choices include toiletries, groceries, and pharmaceuticals. 

Consumers spend more when they choose to buy online. So, it’s safe to say that this season has been lucky for eCommerce retailers. 

Final Thoughts

As an Amazon seller, you can get an insight into the business across the globe amidst this crisis. There is no uncertainty about consumer behavior anymore as long as you use the technology and check out the reports and charts available for free on CCInsights. If you are determined to face the challenge and make the required adjustments, you can definitely achieve success. 

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